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TWEAKS+inspiration : Ring in the New Year

It's almost New Year's Eve! We've all been looking forward to the end of 2020, a "annus horribilis” to be sure. Here's hoping that SOMETIME next year, we're back. Have you thought about a little decorating for this New Year's Eve? Even though it will be a party of 2 for us this year, there's still reason for some quick and easy celebratory decor. Let's look at some ideas to set the mood for New Year's Eve.

Focus on just one space in a room - a dining room table or a fireplace mantel - and pile up paper party hats, string any kind of banner. I once stuck post-it notes on the fireplace surround spelling out "Happy New Year." Easy peasy.

One year, P came up with his own version of a New Year's Eve Party when we lived in Portland, OR. He bought two alarm clocks at Fred Meyers and we set off with party hats and poppers and champagne. We made surprise visits to both sets of parents. P set the clock time and alarm to show midnight a few minutes after we arrived. We all donned party hats, set off the poppers and enjoyed a toast with our parents - all hours before the stroke of midnight.

Years later, I read that Queen Elizabeth always has the palace clocks reset 2 hours early so she could celebrate at 10 p.m. I spent a few New Year's Eves in Lake Tahoe. After full days of skiing, 9 p.m. was our midnight.

Some of you have asked to see our other rooms decorated for the holidays. One year, the fireplace mantel in our bedroom featured 99 Cent Store Christmas trees. I added the banner ($3 from Target) for New Year's Eve.

Don't you love a New Year's Eve tree? Maybe I'll save that idea for when there's a big party. I'll admit, New Year's Eve has never been a favorite holiday but there have been some special ones celebrating the incoming year :

Dancing with P under a zillion dropping balloons at Oakland's Claremont Hotel after having our fortunes told

My mom shocking me by taking a swig out of passed bottle of champagne in Time's Square (back when it was just a few thousand people and a simple countdown)

New Year's Eve spent working at a hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland

Opening Christmas gifts as we were too sick on Christmas Day

Skiing Heavenly Valley in Lake Tahoe celebrating at 9 p.m.

Cranking up the music in Connie's Mt. Hood cabin before bundling up to run out to the snowy outhouse

Listening to neighbors banging pots and pans on their front porches

Kid-spying on the fun adult parties in Aunt Helen and Uncle Tom's basement party room

And best of all, making scratch pizza while drinking champagne with P in a candlelit kitchen.

I'm sure you'll agree that the very best New Year's Eves are spent with those you love, filled with gratitude for the past year and sharing hope for the coming year. No matter how you celebrate, Happy New Year to you!

PS. For New Year's Eve this time around, I'm planning this turkey pot pie by French chef Daniel Boulud as described in Elle Decor. Ice cold champagne and a steaming pot pie - what could be a better way to way to give 2020 the boot?

Recipe :

top photo : flicker


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