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Places We Go : Staycation

Do you have a little getaway? If money were no object, my idea of a weekend place would be right in our backyard in Oakland, CA. Nestled up against a regional part, the woods behind our house would be a perfect spot for a little vacation place. I can imagine it near the deer path with an occasional tarantula, gopher snake or mountain lion passing by.

Here's the view of our "woods" from our deck, 3 stories up. You can see the 2nd story deck railing below. And below that is an above ground basement level.

Since it's a severe downslope, seems like some grading would have to be done for a level site. And then stairs would have to be built to get down the hill. $ signs are already rolling in my eyes. All I'd like is a simple room and deck. No electricity or other modern conveniences. Let's look at the possibilities.


On a warm afternoon, we could forgo the A/C, traveling down the hill to sit on the deck of the tented room.

A container room with a big deck.

Rustic spot for a picnic.

A dreamy tree house - perfect for a sleepover.

A modern perch for bird watching.

Something like this would do - just a simple, quiet place to enjoy nature. No packing (maybe just a bag of ice and some drinks) and 5 minutes travel time. OK, maybe a good mattress, too, just in case we'd want to have a sleepover. After all, who doesn't sleep better in their own bed?

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