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Places We Go : Easter Treats

Some of my favorite Easter treats can be found at Cost Plus World Market : Italian Panettones for breakfast and Nestler paper eggs stuffed with treats and these Italian cakes. Aren't they wrapped beautifully? They come in two flavors - Hazelnut Glazed and Tropical Fruit, on sale for $7.79 - and would be a perfect hostess gift.

"La Torinese Hazelnut Colomba Cake. Italian for "dove," Colomba cake is a dove-shaped, hazelnut-flavored confection filled with candied fruit. A beautiful and festive treat to share with guests, it's traditionally served at Easter celebrations." ~ Cost Plus World Market

I'm not sure how big these Italian Lemon Cream Panettones are but they come in an amazingly large tins. On sale for $11.99. Just one glance makes me feel we could all be having Easter lunch in Sorrento.

"Lazzaroni Lemon Cream Panettone. Presented in a beautiful, reusable tin this citrus twist on a traditional Panettone is brought to you from Italy. Filled with luxurious lemon cream and wrapped in elegant paper, it will be the hit of any spring celebration." ~ Cost Plus World Market

This morning, I redid our living room mantel with my small collection of Nestler paper eggs. I bought another one this year at Cost Plus (under $5). They're too fragile for an outdoor egg hunt but make a wonderful keepsake gift.

"Handmade by Nestler, a fine cardboard company founded in Erzgebirge, Germany in 1894, our exclusive paper-mache eggs feature reprints of early 20th-century Easter illustrations. Fill them with small gifts and wrapped treats for a special Easter bunny surprise." ~ Cost Plus World Market

That cement rabbit with black glass eyes was found at the Alameda Flea Market some years back. The owner wanted $20 which just seemed like way too much. He said he wouldn't go lower as a lot of people had picked it up and he knew a sale was imminent. He was firm so I let go of my $20 and never looked back.

For Easter dinner, P and I will be tackling a 13 pound turkey. Finding one was a bit difficult. As one butcher explained to me, "Most people eat ham for Easter." But for the expected rainy day, Easter turkey and its subsequent soup just sounded comforting. No matter how you celebrate - have a wonderful Easter.

Connie sent me this photo of a real life Peter Rabbit in her Oregon yard. What could be more perfect on Easter morning?

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