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Color Game : La La Land

I couldn't wait to see La La Land, but it was on one rainy afternoon last week that Sue and I finally got to the Orinda Theater. Built in 1941 in the streamlined moderne style, the theater was the perfect setting. And then, after months of waiting and a long drive in pouring rain, I missed some of the movie. As soon as I saw Mia's apartment, I couldn't get that striped sofa out of my head. I can't tell you about any scenes that happened on that couch. I'm still over the moon for it.

Dale Robinette, Lionsgate

In La La Land, Mia and her roommates have an apartment that's a total mishmash of color and design. Just what might happen in real life when everyone pools their stuff. Who does that sofa belong to? Was it a mother's reupholstery mistake? Was it just too bold for any other room in another house?

Dale Robinette, Lionsgate

Set decorator Sandy Reynolds-Wesa pulled in strong colors, art deco pieces and old Hollywood themes. Next to the couch, the lamp tooks like it came from a garage sale but has an amazing lampshade. Is it hand painted? I couldn't keep my eyes off every object - truly a technicolor apartment.

In our current world, when set interiors are often tones of neutrals and earth colors, a technicolor apartment was a perfect backdrop for La La Land. If I can't have that sofa, maybe this bouquet will remind me to keep dreaming in technicolor. Enjoy the Oscars.

PS I'm happy to announce that Sandy Reynolds-Wesa won for best set design.


top photo : Dale Robinette, Lionsgate

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