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Happy Hour : Bunnies & Blossoms

The sun is out and doesn't it feel like spring? Around here, there's no rain in the forecast. Maybe for the first time this year. Alameda County officially is drought-free and for the first time in years, we can use a little more water. Happy Days! Sharing a couple of spring ideas today for Happy Hour - one for fun and one hopefully helpful. Let's take a look.

@mrs. alonzo (instagram)

Saw this on Instagram and had to copy (top photo). So easy for a fun little gift bag.

@mrs. alonzo (instagram)

Arrange the "ears" and tie with ribbon. Add a dot of Elmer's Glue to affix a cotton ball tail. I put a little shredded grass inside to cradle a little gift.

Sweet Portland friends Ellin and Fletcher came for tea a few weeks ago. I bought 3 stems of hydrangeas at Safeway and cupcakes at Miette (they hadn't made it to the table when this photo was taken).

A week later, the blooms were wilting fast. I googled about what to do and was surprised to find a quick solution. I'm passing it along in case you don't know.

The solution was really for droopy tulips but it worked for these hydrangeas. First, use a hat pin or thick needle to punch one hole through the stem about an inch below the blossom.

Recut the end of the stem an inch or two. Fill the vase with hot water and put the flowers in. About 10 minutes later, they had revived. Who knew?

Can you believe this hydrangea is now three weeks old? The other two stems lasted about 2-1/2 weeks.

Around my rooms, a few rabbits have scattered. In the entryway, these cast iron ones look almost like chocolate. Every time I come home, they remind me we have moved into another season, fresh with possibilities.

Sue gave me these sweet daffodils for an Easter treat. And just like a school kid, I'm going to take next week off so "see" you in two weeks. In the meantime, here's to a wonderful April including a Happy Easter and a Joyous Passover.


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