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Color Game : Artichoke Green

My friend Connie has a couple of green thumbs. The other day, she texted me a photo of some just picked artichokes and the colors took my breath away. Turns out artichokes aren't just one color.

As you might know, I love to play my COLOR GAME in which I get inspired by an image and "decorate" a whole house using those colors. If you're game, here's an artichoke green house with a Scandinavian twist in homage to Connie's Norwegian roots.

A cottage colored artichoke green complete with a garden of purple and pinks. Let's see what could be inside.

Don't you love an entryway/greenhouse?

Artichoke green accents and pale woods.

The sitting room in a calming artichoke green.

Beautiful custom Swedish kitchen from Nordiskakok.

Or maybe a kitchen with handcrafted artichoke green tiles. / Heckfield Place, Hampshire, England

Restful principal bedroom.

A sweet guest bathroom using an old table as the vanity.


When a color theme runs through a house, I love a color surprise in one room. This lavender attic guest room pares well with artichoke green. After all, if left to their own devices, artichokes flower an amazing purple color. Gotta say this has made me hungry for artichokes. I sure wish Connie wasn't 600 miles away.

top photo : my friend Connie, Oregon City

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