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Color Game : Lemony Yellow

I'm just gonna say it. If life hands you lemons . . . (all together now) make lemonade.

That got me thinking of that glorious, life-affirming, happy lemony yellow we see in nature every spring. Everything from acacia to daffodils to forsythia. Maybe we need more of that cheerful lemony yellow in our lives right now. Let's see how it could look in our rooms.

pinterest / pamela shadid

A ray of sunshine in an neutral living room.


Bright yellow backsplash and baseboard.

Don't you love these dining room chairs?


Citrus accents in a bedroom. I found out later that this was the primary bedroom of Kate Spade.

The painting in the bedroom above was the inspiration for my yellow face collage series.

A yellow bowl splashes color in a moody bathroom.

Old iron beds in a guest room.

A sunny window no matter what the weather.

Bright yellow acacia trees pepper the hill behind our house. Just learned these trees are called mimosa in Europe.

And speaking of mimosa . . . this brunch mainstay is named after the yellow-flowered mimosa plant, Acacia Dealbata. The combination of sparkling wine and orange juice has been consumed for centuries in Spain, especially where oranges and cava and other sparkling wines are plentiful. How about starting today with a 3/4 cup chilled sparkling wine mixed with a 1/4 cup ice cold orange juice? Way better than lemonade and a guarantee for a sunny attitude. Happy Sunday!

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