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TWEAKS+inspiraton : Ruffles and Pleats, Oh My!

Just when I finally banished dust ruffles from my beds, I start seeing ruffles and pleats everywhere in interior design. Embelishments were strong in the '80's but since then, the look waned. Of course, what's old is new again helps the design economy roll. As rooms trend toward maximalism after having a long run of minimalism, ruffles and pleats seem like the perfect addition. Let's take a look.

Fabrizio Casiraghi created a Parisian room full of fresh pleats. When I saw this room in Is Architectural Digest this year, these sofas made me smile. Such a fun dimension to the room.


If a room's furniture is all legs, are there too many legs? I vote for at least one piece with pleats or ruffles to soften the room.

If you're thinking of sewing slipcovers (and that's a new trend, too!), consider a hem of small pleats.

A massive "dust" ruffle changes a blah sofa into a memorable one.

Don't you love these coverlets?

Using a matelasse coverlet as a slipcover provides texture.


With all this talk about pleats and ruffles, I can't help but think of ruffles-gone-bad in the classic "The Puffy Shirt" episode. (Seinfeld, season 5, episode 2)

Have you notice that interior trends usually follow fashion? This year, it appears that fashion and interiors are on the same page as a quick look around spring 2024 fashion trends shows an abundance of ruffles and pleats. After all, "The Frenchman invented the ruffle; the Englishman added the shirt." (Ralph Waldo Emerson) I've no idea who invented them for stylish rooms, but I'm all in.

top photo : pinterest


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