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Color Game : Art Inspired Red Dining Room

This week, let's take a look back at what was new at DecorBook exactly five years ago. While styles change, one thing I know for sure is that I still LOVE the color red.

What's not to love about this 1908 masterpiece by Henri Matisse? Imagine a sunny fall day in the South of France where "Madame" is setting the table for a late lunch. How could these colors inspire a dining room a hundred years later? Let's go shopping on-line and see what we can find to create an art inspired dining room.

How about bold red print drapes hung from natural wood rods? Install rods as high to ceiling as possible to enlongate the height of the room. Picture large French doors slightly ajar with a breeze animating the drapes.

For the walls, Benjamin Moore's iconic Grant Beige provides a neutral backdrop. Did you know there are websites devoted to this color?

Imagine the naturally finished handmade table in the center of the room. Top it off with a big jug of autumnal sunflowers.

furnituremaxx / amazon

This Asian-themed sideboard adds a bit of character as a piece passed down through the generations. A Salvation Army find turns into a hip china cabinet when painted red with mustard interior. Expect to pay about $250.


Mustard lampshades play off the yellow in the painting. Pair with a white ginger jar lamp or a blue&white Chinese pot lamp.

generation home furnishings

A pair of natural wood rush seat chairs flank the fireplace. They could be painted cream, pale blue, mustard, red or left natural.

Maybe a mustard&white linen lumbar pillow for each chair?

Can you imagine the china cabinet filled with blue&white?

And for the fireplace mantel, a large mirror with a blue rubbed finish.

Add some smaller antique French yellow-glazed confit pots filled with sunflowers.

theresa elvin / flickr

And voila! Here's to an art~inspired living room thanks to Monsieur Matisse. In no time, you could be enjoying lunch in the South of France. Bon appétit.

Let's take another look at our Art~Inspiration. It's called "The Dessert: Harmony in Red (the Red Room)" and it's huge (70.9" x 86.6"). Originally, it had a blue background, then green before Monsieur Matisse decided on red. As traveling college students, Connie and I once saw it in a Paris exhibition in 1971. It took my breath away.

top credit : The Dessert: Harmony in Red by Henri Matisse


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