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Places We Go : Christmas in San Francisco, 2016

Happy New Year! Here's to having this extra holiday day, "New Year's Day Observed." Thinking over the last two weeks, some adventures in San Francisco added to the holiday spirit. Simple walks through hotel lobbies and stores just looking at decorations. The city was magical with decorating treasures and some ideas for next year. Unfortunately, I've no pictures of my adventure with Jayne on a very rainy day. We looked at every animal up for adoption in Macy's Christmas windows until rain was dripping off our noses. Other adventures found bright blue skies. Here's a look at times where the camera could come out. Above, a display at Nest, a charming store on Fillmore Street.

A store window can bring you right to another time and place. Nest's window reminds me of Shirley Temple in Heidi, a Christmas time favorite.

The other window at Nest captures Christmas in old Chinatown.

One day, Ruthann and I had lunch at the Slanted Door in the Ferry Building. After, we went up the hills to the The Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill.

It's fun to watch everyone come in to take a picture. Behind is a full-size gingerbread house which was missing a lot of it's trim by the time we arrived. Guess it was good enough to eat.

A Champagne tree in the Fairmont lobby.

We went down the hills to the St. Francis Hotel at Union Square and were thrilled to hear a high school choir singing carols.

Across Union Square to Neiman Marcus - a glorious tree filled with loads of silver balls. Would I be brave enough to do our tree like this year next year?

Then over to Post Street to Gump's, a San Francisco store started in 1861. Their main floor filled to the brim with Christmas everything. We were drawn to these one-of-a-kind trees. The one in front is $875.

Hope you had a chance to enjoy all the wonders of this season.

And speaking of wonders, here's the glorious tree of my friend, Kimberly. Dusted with the perfect amount of snow and specially bred by Morning Glory Farms. All ornaments handmade by Kimberly or her mom. With the city lights in the background, a magical tree.

Thank you for reading "me" this year - I truly appreciate it. Your comments mean more to me than you can possibly imagine. Here's a 2017 filled with all that's good and kind and creative. Happy New Year!

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