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TWEAKS+inspiration : What's New for 2024?

Don't most of us pride ourselves in having timeless rooms? When I googled "2024 Decorating Trends," I had two thoughts - everything old is new again and hey, I might be trendy. Three of the biggest 2024 trends - brown furniture, murals and snugs - are coming in hot. If you're like me, you're trendy, too. Let's take a look.

The first 2024 trend is BROWN furniture. Look how terrific an old Jenny-Lind stye bed looks in a modern room. The secret may be that everything else in the room looks fresh and modern.

Don't you love an antique serving a useful purpose? I've noticed that brown wood furniture looks great with darker walls.

Brown kitchens are making a comeback, too. A brown kitchen, with stunning brushed gold hardware and mushroom color painted cabinets, seems like a blend of Downton Abbey and New England chic. I'm a fan! If you're interested in a brown kitchen, consider painting your existing cabinets a warm brown or updating your counters with butcher block (IKEA has great pricing). If you already have butcher block or brown furniture or brown cabinets in your kitchen, I'm a little bit jealous. And, in keeping with the brown furniture trend, hardwood floors are moving from gray and Scandi-pale colors to warm, medium browns.

HGTV Property Brothers

MURALS are the second trend. Happily, using wallpaper has been on the rise for the last few years. but murals are now trending higher. Did you see HGTV's Celebrity IOU last week? The above mural was in the featured kitchen which hides a door to a secret bar..

What a beauty! I'm not sure if this is hand painted (and we can do that too!) or a paper, but I love the calming tone.

A beautiful moody guest bathroom. Sometimes, antique murals are cut from walls and reapplied elsewhere. It was a "thing" to import fine, hand painted European murals to the "new" Continent back in the late 1770's through the 1930s.

Of course, murals don't have to be dark and moody. I could see "us" painting a successful mural using a projector ( $59 on Amazon), tracing a pattern on the wall and coloring it in.

The third trend is the SNUG. I came across the word "snug" whilst (ha ha) watching British interior design shows. Every one, and I mean everyone, seems to ask for a snug when remodeling their UK home. A snug is a small room to use while watching TV, listening to music or even reading. It's a place to cozy up during cold nights, saving heating costs. A snug could really fit in a large closet.

A beautiful snug - can't you imagine curling up on that velvet couch?

A snug can provide ample seating and even a sleeping space for an overnight guest.

Seems like snugs are most successful with walls in dark colors. Have a look around your rooms. Maybe there's snug potential. After all, what could be more cozy in January weather? I'm guessing you already have one of these trends in your rooms. Fun to know trends have finally caught up to us. Enjoy your Sunday!

PS - This weekend, it seems like the whole country is under Mother Nature's winter spell. When I visited Ruthann&Bobby in Sisters, OR at Thanksgiving, Ruthie bought a red ribbon for their chair yard sculpture. Yesterday, she texted a photo in Saturday's weather. Gorgeous!


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