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TWEAKS+inspiration : Outdoor Umbrellas

Last week, I glanced out the window to discover two spaceships hovering over Merritt College, just down the hill from us. I walked out on our deck and snapped this photo. It only took a minute to wonder if Scotty would beam me up. Well, that didn't happened but I did daydream about buying a spectacular umbrella for our deck. Fortunately, this Memorial Day weekend, most all are on sale. Let's take a look at some dreamy patio umbrellas.

Santa Barbara Designs umbrellas are the gold standard and they are super expensive, starting at around $3000. Adding to price of any umbrella you purchase is the kind of opening mechanism, the type of base and quality of the canvas and wood.

Frontgate sells umbrellas in all kinds of figurations. This style ranges from $2000 to $2500.

Ballard Design's Pacific Pagoda umbrella comes in a wide range of colors and sells for about $1000.

Cost Plus World Market has their half umbrella on sale this weekend (online only) for $60. So clever!

A basic umbrella, with ruffles, is on sale at Wayfair this weekend for $80. If you have a need for an umbrella near the water, I'll happily deliver to you.

Another blogger took matters into her own hands, gluing fringe on her umbrella. The only downside is that it's not rainproof, but it sure looks fun. Speaking of fun, it might be a good time to shop umbrella sales this holiday weekend.

Back to those natural spaceships. Here's what they looked like at sunset. Rather unworldly. Hey, have yourself a great Memorial Day and let's all give thanks to those who have lost their lives in service to our country.

FYI : The flying saucer- looking clouds are called Altocumulus Standing Lenticularis clouds.

According to the National Weather Service, they form “when sufficient moisture is present above mountain-top level, ACSL clouds develop within the crest of these mountain waves where the air is rising.”

The clouds even caught the attention of the local news. These same clouds were seen in Novato, 40 miles away.


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