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Places We Go : Holiday Decorating with Friends

Merry Christmas! Thank you for sending me photos of your holiday decor including family pieces, good deals at garage sales and traditional trees. It's clear to me that the art of display is really what brings us joy in our rooms. Connie (Oregon City, OR) displays The Three Wisemen above. As a little girl, her mom put a red votive in front of them which made the Magi's jewels sparkle at night. Connie displays with two Native American pieces. One of her best garage sale finds is the basket with handle she bought for twenty-five cents. Let's take a look at more.

Connie's vignettes atop cupboards or on shelves are always fun, especially this one of all things 1960's. The exception is the 1970's disco ball. Hey, what's Christmas without a disco ball? (I have little ones on my tinsel tree.)

Ruthann (Portland, OR) and I both have a stash of 99 Cent Store snowflakes. Ruthie has them in all her street facing windows including these in the sunroom. The neighbors tell her they look forward to them every year.

Remember when I went Sisters, OR joining Ruthann&Bobby cutting fresh boughs and those red "sticks? " Ruthann uses them everywhere including in these amazing pottery pots thrown by their son. And no wonder she was always on the hunt for boughs, especially with pinecones.

Ruthann's 1940's pixies from her mom's collection. I found similar sets on eBay priced at $300.

Ellin (Portland, OR) also loves a great bargain. Her $4 horn dresses a door handle in one of her rooms.

The dining room features red battery operated candles with flames and tiny surrounding lights. And don't you love a red plaid tablecloth?

Ellin's holiday pillow dresses up a white chair.

And Ellin's adorable fleece friend has a perfect spot to view the festivities.

And now for a tale of two Christmas trees. In June, 2010, Connie and her husband moved a few 6-10" Spanish fir trees over from their former home. When they are tall enough, they are used for Christmas trees. This year's has about 1,400 lights.

Connie checks her progress. I love the Norwegian flag garlands. God Jul, Connie!

The finished tree. Stunning!

Remember the tree Ruthann&Bobby's cut Thanksgiving weekend? I was there to witness and was mesmerized by the strong smell of a freshly cut tree. Since then, it's been resting outside in a big bucket of water waiting for its debut inside their Sisters (OR) house.

And last week, it came inside. It's a spectacular grand fir, one of seven "true fir" species in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

I love how the windows reflect the tree lights. Magnificent!

Around here, I put some of my glass collection on a shelf, away from all the orange decor. Kimberly's jewel encrusted tree and ornament have a place of honor. Both are covered in vintage jewelry. Gotta love some bling at Christmas.

Two nails and three lengths of ribbon keep my Christmas cards visible. Easy Peasy. Thank you for sending me photos of your decor. It's clear that some of you take days, and I mean days, to decorate. It was so fun to see what you've done this year. We appreciate it! Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! I'll be back on Sunday, January 7. In the meantime, I hope you spend time with family and friends enjoying the magic of the best time of year.


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