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Places We Go : Estudillo Estates in San Leandro, CA

Estudillo Estates is a 10-minute drive from my house. A favorite Saturday morning includes a walk through this leafy neighborhood, followed by a trip to San Leandro's farmers' market. Last Saturday, I walked Glen Drive which follows San Leandro Creek. This neighborhood, in San Leandro, CA, has homes mostly built between 1900 and the 1940's. There's small Spanish style cottages and large homes you'd swear belong in Beav and Wally's neighborhood. Home sizes range between 900 to over 4800 square footage of living space. It makes for an interesting walk.

An amazing Art Deco house including wrought iron detailing, a hanging porch light and a crowned cement column at the gate on brick fence.

A huge salmon pink stem - it's bigger than this agave Americana plant. Great drought resistant yard.

Having lived in California for over thirty years, I'm still surprised when I see succulents in bloom. That didn't happen in my yard in Oregon. (Aeonium succulents which flowers, then dies. Other pups take its place and the cycle continues.)

Don't you love a potted plant in the middle of a flower bed? This century plant blooms every 25 to 30 years and can grow to 10' wide and 6' tall. (Agave americana "Mediopicta Alba")

A pastoral setting at one of the houses that backs up to San Leandro Creek.

Roses in bloom including the ubiquitous iceberg white roses of California, frequently used as hedges.

So nice to see a Ukrainian flag.

Colorful nasturtium could take over the world if given a chance. And good to eat, too.

In the neighborhood, a few blocks away and completed in 1934, is the San Leandro Veteran's Memorial Building. It's considered one of the finest Italian style buildings in Alameda County. Back in 1934, the corner stone was laid by a Civil War veteran. And just around the corner from Glen Drive, are two good places to eat.

Paradiso Restaurant - Still dreaming about the Grand Mariner French toast (with baked Brioche and caramelized Bananas Foster maple sauce), Kimberly and I ate just before the pandemic hit.

Zocalo Coffeehouse - A real neighborhood hangout for coffee plus brunch and lunch. Maybe I'll see you there on a Saturday morning. Meanwhile, enjoy your Sunday!

THANK YOU, Sally and Allayne for plant identifications in my photos..


Prestigious Estudillo Estates in San Leandro is full of lush parks, tall elm trees, and picturesque homes. It's a grand slice of Americana. With an active community committed to maintaining the integrity of their area, this solid middle class neighborhood is truly something special.

The architectural styles of homes here range from Tudor to Mediterranean to Colonial. Many boast large lots and well-kept yards, many with productive citrus and other fruit trees. The San Leandro Creek watershed runs through this neighborhood, giving many homes a lovely natural backyard habitat with endless exploration opportunities for curious kids (and grown-ups).

Estudillo Estates offers convenient access to all of San Leandro's parks, shopping and services, as well as major freeways. It is also served by two BART stations and the AC Transit service.

Average house price in last 30 days - $936,000.


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