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Places We Go : A European Christmas

Have you ever thought of Christmas in Europe? I spent Christmas in San Moritz, Switzerland once upon a time and it was magical. These days, I've been longing for a European Christmas. Besides amazing settings and decorations, Europe offers their famous Christmas markets, ranging from mid November through New Year's. Let's see where we'd want to go.

A Morris Minor decked out on a London street.

Decorated London shops are everywhere.

Don't you love these fun Roman tree ornaments? So Italian!

A favorite Christmas market is in Gdansk, Poland which runs from November 18 through December 23rd this year. There's still time to go!

The famous Christmas market in Stuttgart, Germany - I'd love one of those baskets!

The Nuremberg, Germany's Christmas Market offers hot mulled cider, sausages, roasted chestnuts and pastries. That's the traditional fare of most Christmas markets.


Budapest, Hungry has some of the best Christmas Markets. Ruthann and her husband went on a cruise one November, visiting numerous Christmas Markets including those in Budapest. She brought me an adored Christmas tree ornament.


Festival of Lights are also popular in Europe. Seville, Spain looks magical.

Here I am in San Moritz at in December, 1979. I'm in the red scarf, pictured with my work buddies at the hotel I worked at for about 8 weeks. We worked at the hotel in the morning, then had our afternoons off to skate and ski, coming back to work dinner service. I don't know if another European Christmas is in the cards, but a girl can dream.


PPS - After reading this article, Ruthann sent me the itinerary of the Christmas markets she visited in November once upon a time ~ Bucharist, VelikoTarnova Arvanasi (Bulgaria), Belgrade (Serbia), Croatia, Budapest, Bratislova ~Slovakia, Vienna, Durnstein (Austria), Salzburg, Passau (Germany) and Munich.


PS - Don't miss the reveal of the White House holiday decor, shown each year on HGTV. It drops on at 5 pm PST today. Each year, my favorite part is when the White House pastry chef makes a White House out of gingerbread.

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