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DecorBook : Primary Bathroom Redux, part 1

In a month or two, my house will be back under construction. I'm thrilled! The very last thing to "do" is to update the primary bathroom. We've done some work : enlarged the 36"x36" shower in 1999, replaced the double vanity in 2005. But here we are in 2023 and I'm itching to get this last room updated. Have you noticed that some choose to update their homes right before they sell? Since I'd love to live here 10 more years, I want to do now so I can enjoy it. The trick will be to get the finishes right - I need something timeless. Something that won't look dated in 10 years. Let's take a look at some ideas.

One thing I'm certain about is that I want a white (not grey) carrara marble look somewhere in the bathroom. Consistent with my Mediterranean themed house but not as fancy as in this photo. I'd like a matte finish - somewhat old world. Currently, I have a carrara marble ("luna" marble to the ancient Romans) theme through my rooms. The entryway tabletop is marble. The living room fireplace is marble. When I did the kitchen counter last year, I chose marble lookalike quartz. Later this year, I hope to get a new primary bedroom fireplace surround in marble. For this primary bathroom, I'd love a single matte marble wall or a marble floor.

Marble comes in all shapes and sizes and can be laid in many ways. Here it's laid in a pretty parquet pattern. Another marble pattern in the shower. Too busy for me. Plus it's expensive. I saw similar tile last week for $64 a square foot.

One timeless trend is a diagonal checkerboard floor. They are definitely making a comeback this year. I would love this look with white and pale grey marble. I already know that a floor like this is beyond my budget. I believe the tile alone would be a minimum of $4,000 for my 15'x19' bathroom.

A dramatic slab of marble behind the pedestal sink could be affordable if purchased as a remnant. Can you imagine a good soak before the fire?

I would love love love to have a wood floor installed in the bathroom as it adds such warmth. I know they aren't practical but still . . .

Have you noticed Moroccan handmade Zellige tile everywhere these days? They are a thing of beauty, reflecting light as no two tiles are alike. They start at about $2 per 4" x 4" tile. And of course, Morocco is about at Mediterranean as you can get. My concern, besides price, is can you imaging cleaning these?

For a full on Mediterranean villa look, this tile mural is off the charts.

A classic, old fashioned bathroom with built-in storage, a Roman shade and marble tile floor.

The only thing I know for sure is that a freestanding bathtub is going to be purchased used on FB Market or at a big discount "slightly scratched" at a store. I've got my delivery guy all ready to pick it up. I'm checking the local Uhuru Furniture daily for some kind of vintage storage piece. As for construction, my contractor, Jesus, has provided his quote and will start work sometime midJuly or August. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, enjoy your Sunday!

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