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DecorBook Classic : When a Closet Becomes a New Room

Most of us don't have a closet to spare but what if we did? Turns out, closet space can be used for almost any purpose. All of a sudden (if you're willing to give up some storage), you can have the above bar of your dreams. Or almost anything else. Let's take a look.

A clever mud "room" with a bench expands the ordinary use of a coat closet.

A moody powder room can be built in a closet, especially cost effective if there are interior water and sewer lines above or below the closet.

A cozy nap zone in the family room.

house (photo : Matt Sartain)

An old fashion telephone room - perfect in the modern world for a private cell phone call or an obligatory zoom call.

A closet wine cellar also provides storage.

A sophisticated fur baby hang out. Please note the cabinet knobs with cat ears.

A cozy reading nook.

The designer of this closet-room was asked to turn a closet into a nap spot for the small children in the family.

This closet packs a wallop. (Lisa Ramekin)

And the sweetest closet ever. Enjoy your Sunday!


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