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DecorBook Classic : Put Some Pep Under Your Step

Have you noticed many rooms use layered rugs? I'd classified this as a true DecorBook classic. Timeless, especially when a natural fiber rug serves as the base. I especially love a striped rug over a natural rug. Let's take a look.

Texas interior designer Paloma Contreras layers a striped rug over a jute rug.


If you have a fragile rug, layer over a more sturdy rug for the best result.

Is this all too much? This oversized rug does ground the room.


Ellen Pompeo (star of Grey's Anatomy)p used a gorgeous striped rug in her Hollywood Hills home.

I'm not sure about layering rugs under a dining room table.

The classic Stockholm rug is available at IKEA for $229 in the 5'7" x 7'10" size. Hope you'll consider layering a rug in one of your rooms. ~ A truly sincere thank YOU for your support this year. I'm so thankful for you. I'll be off next week, getting the house ready for the next holiday. Have yourself wonderful Thanksgiving!

top photo : elle


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