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DecorBook Classic : Primary Bathroom Redux, part 2

Jesus and crew start on the primary bathroom redo a week from tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm on the hunt to get the finishings just right. As in the inspirational photo above, I just want simple, classic finishes. Too much tile, too many tile patterns or colors aren't my jam. I've been narrowing the choices down. Let's take a look.

In my dream of dreams, I'd love warm real wood floors but I know that's not practical in a bathroom. I've been searching for "wood-like" flooring that doesn't look cheesy. I'd love them to match the new white oak floors on the main floor. Yesterday, I saw this flooring at Floor & Decor in Milpitas. It's fairly close in grain and color to my white oak. I laid a sample on the existing floor so you can see. It's 100% waterproof and guaranteed for the life of the house. The flooring is $4 per square foot so $800 all in. And drum roll . . . it's LVP. That's 'Luxury Vinyl Planks' as I found out. Vinyl has come a long way.

We replaced the vanity in 2006 so it's staying. The mirror and lights are the 1990-originals-to-the-house. The lighting is so good for applying makeup, I'm going to leave it be. Also staying is the magnifying mirror P gave me one Christmas. The wall to the left of the green tape will be removed and replaced with a borderless glass panel that will bring some daylight into the shower.

Now that the wall will be opened, I drew in some 'wall tiles' on that back wall. I'd like it tiled with 24x12 Carrara marble. I have some marble in almost every room and I think it will give the room an old soul.

Here's the marble I've fallen in love with. Talk about an old soul. Connie was so right when she said it looks like the interior walls of the Oregon State Capitol. Come to find out, that was built in 1936 and is only one of three state capitols to be built in the Art Deco style. Cool!

When we moved in, there was a picture window on the left over the tub (where mirror is). It looked right out on the sidewalk. No kidding. We had that removed and now I'm moving windows again. The current narrow windows of obscure glass are not very obscure. A new picture window is going over the chest of drawers.

Some of the corners in this oddly shaped room are going to disappear (see line) and a free standing tub will replace this 'state of the art' one. State of the art in 1990. It has super slippery tile and a step up. I'm confounding why anyone ever thought this was a good idea.

This week, I have to order the free standing tub, faucets, tile and flooring and a shower fan. I plan to recover my bench in new toweling. After 3 years, it's been washed so many times, it doesn't look like it first did. So that's the plan. I have a week to change my mind. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, enjoy your Sunday!

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