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DecorBook Classic : Primary Bathroom Redo, Week 3

Gotta say last week I was in home improvement heaven. In week 3, I could suddenly see how my new primary bathroom was going to look. Would I liked to have had it completely gutted? Spent more on finishes? Sure, but for my budget, I'm super happy. Let's take a look.

On Monday (day 13) and Tuesday (day 14), Emilio continued tiling the wall, shower enclosure and shower pan. The shower niche was put in place. This was a first for me. I went the plain route, choosing this powdercoated stainless steel one.

On Wednesday (day 15), there was light at the end of the tiling tunnel. Emilio did the sills on the shower pan. And then he grouted. Hours and hours of grouting. Emilio, I'll miss our watermelon breaks and once speaking to your mama in Northern Mexico. Meanwhile, Luis continued to prepare for painting the northern exterior of the house.

On Thursday (day 16), Luis was here to further prepare the bathroom walls including sanding, priming and then painting color on the walls. I decided to use Sherwin-Williams' White Duck for the walls and Benjamin Moore's Simple White for the trim. Just like in most of my rooms.

On Friday (day 17), the Carl, the Fog, watched over us as the guys brought in the boxes of flooring that had been stored in the garage. This scaffolding is so great as no one has to walk through the house.

I have a rookie mistake to confess. In early July, I measured the floor and the decorator at Floor&Decor told me I needed 8 boxes. When the installers got here Friday morning, they measured and I needed 12 boxes. Oh, dear. Jesus gave me a box label with the lot number (ending in an "A") and I rushed off to buy four more boxes.

Turns out, there was no product with that lot number available. Jesus said best to get all in the same lot number (ending in "X") so I came home with 12 new boxes. The guys unloaded the new and put the old in my trunk so I could return. At that point, I glanced at the labels and the old boxes all ended in X. So, if I'd been paying attention, I would have only had to returned the one and only "A" box for an "X" and saved my guys and the store clerk lifting a total of 880 lbs back and forth. I just didn't have the heart to tell Jesus and his team.

Well, it turns out "luxury" vinyl panel (LVP) is amazing. Who knew? 100% waterproof and I think looks and feels just like white oak. And it's affordable - $3.99 per square foot. Flooring for my 11' x 17' bathroom cost $855.

Thanks to the floor men for doing a beautiful job laying the floor, adding a window sill and all new baseboard.

At the end of the day, with the trunk filled with 9 boxes of flooring and the front and back seat with other returns, I headed to Floor&Decor in the late afternoon. Once again, Aaron got everything out of the car - it took two big carts! - and rang up my return for $1K and some change. With that done, I was ready for Saturday!

Saturday (day 18) was the best day ever. Promptly at 8 a.m, plumber Dwayne was here. Carpenter Augustine was here. Luis was here. Somehow, more showed up as there were 7 guys eating their lunches on the deck when I brought out a watermelon. Mostly, Augustine and his helper were here to replace a deck panel. (I'll include that in next week's missive) but he was also assisting Dwayne as above.

By 4 p.m., the walls had their second coat, the new tub was filled by the new filler, the sconce was up. The shower head and faucet and a square polished chrome drain were in place. A new toilet seat and a new chrome handle made the newly installed toilet look pretty fancy. Next week (week 4) will be mainly devoted to exterior painting and putting the finishing touches on the bathroom. Looks like this will REALLY be a 4-week project. Here's hoping! Have a wonderful Sunday and stay cool!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Fred Fiddle Leaf! Fred was adopted a year ago today. I measured him when he arrived at 85" and today, he's 96" inches. I bought him at Home Depot for$49.98. I can't tell you how much joy Fred has brought me. My contractor, Jesus, got Fred's little brother a few weeks after. He's thriving too.

This spring, I found this plant food for Fiddle Leaf Figs. Every two weeks, Fred gets his meal. I've had at least 6 leaves sprout and mature since then. This food, plus giving Fred a half-turn each morning to ensure he gets equal sunlight, seems to be the key to success for the always finicky Fiddle Leaf.

For more about Fred - but really more about buying a big box plant. Be sure you take one home that's bug free.


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