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DecorBook Classic : Primary Bathroom Redo, Week 2

Is it over yet? Week 2 of the primary bathroom remodel saw a lot of action. If the first week was demo week, this past week was the start of the rebuild. Things were humming for six days in a row. And I made a big mistake. Let's take a look.

Last Monday (day 7), Armando got the shower pan ready for tiling.

On Tuesday (day 8), the tile wall turned luscisous fuchsia.

Blurry photo (I may have to fire myself as the photographer) but I wanted to show the wall with the wonky corner framed out. Last week, I had mentioned I'd be hanging a mirror over the tub and noticed Oscar added support. Love that.

Besides taping and mudding, the electrician came by to add the box for the wall sconce.

By the end of the day 8, the sheet rocking/taping/mudding was complete. You can see the pipe for the tub filler, the box for the wall sconce and the new window. As mentioned, the structural bump in the ceiling has been reduced by at least half its girth now that the corner has been filled in.

On Wednesday (day 9), Luis, Oscar and his daughter got the final siding on window exterior and trim added. They also began prep for painting this side of the house.

A month ago, I searched and searched for the perfect wall and shower tile. When I found this 12"x24" marble at Floor&Decor in Pleasant Hill, I was sold. Connie said it looked like the Oregon State Capitol. Loved that!

The Turkish marble waited in my garage for a few days. There are 16 packs - each weighed 56 pounds. Doesn't it look white with some grey veining?

On Thursday (day 10), I asked Jesus if I could look at all 80 pieces. The team kindly put out a few packs at a time - I just didn't want any with dark smudges or black dots. I bought an extra pack (5 tiles) to eliminate any I didn't like. I was quickly elimanting half the tiles. They were just too much. Inside, I was freaking out. I really pictured a creamy white marble with thin grey veining.

On Friday (day 11), I snapped an early morning photo and the tile still looked too busy. Turns out, I completely forgot the Floor&Decor showroom photo. Doh! This tile looks the same as it did in the store so that makes me feel a bit better. I was imagining tile without all the, as they say, "movement." I'm guess I'm not a fan of this kind of movement. Wish I would have looked longer.

Since part of the deal with Jesus is that I'm providing the tile, I made another trip to San Leandro's Floor&Decor in the late afternoon. I needed four 56"x6" pieces of marble for the shower curbs. I brought a blanket and old towels and the man who walked me to my car did a great job packing it in.

Yesterday (Saturday, day 12), the tiling continued. Here's the shower edge curbs.

Tiler "Rock Star" Emilio is doing a beautiful job. I went back to Floor&Decor (again!) to get two more packs of tile in the late afternoon. My new best friend, Boris at Floor&Decor, told me that it's the light. It will all look lighter when all the ceiling lights are in and the grouting is done. Here's hoping!

This coming week - the tile will be finished. The walls sanded, primed and painted. The "wood" flooring will be laid. The tub will be installed. At least, that's the plan. Jesus told me that the project was four weeks including deck repair and painting one side of the house. Meanwhile, I'm completing lots of little projects as I have to stay home while the guys are here. After they leave, my late afternoon trips to Floor&Decor have been a welcome break. Hope you're doing something fun, too. Enjoy your Sunday!


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