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DecorBook Classic : Pretty Rooms

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Here's hoping you're having a relaxing day!

Do you like pretty rooms? For me, a pretty room is like a peony. Soft colors, a bit ruffly, feminine. Turns out, I don't live in pretty rooms. Once upon a time, in a little cottage in Portland, OR, I had a pretty bedroom - all in pale pink with curtains of pink cabbage roses. Very girly. As I got older, I realized pretty rooms just aren't me. Come to think of it, I don't dress pretty either. Pretty kind of makes me nervous but lately, I've been thinking about having a whole house of pretty rooms. What makes a pretty room? Feminine upholstery shapes, a touch of crystal, a delicate flower print fabric, a very specific pastel color palette. That's pretty to me, but I'm sure you'll agree - pretty is in the eye of the beholder.

Delicate shades of lavender are oh, so feminine.

Do you associate pretty rooms with pastel colors?

By the looks of this entrance hall, you'd know you're in for a house full of pretty rooms.

This painting sets a pretty, feminine tone.

Summer rooms in Scandinavia are almost always pretty with painted furniture, white slipcovers and lavender.

Blush is one of the prettiest colors.

This room is rich and almost regal - and very pretty!

A pretty nursery. Girly, without being Barbie pink.

Even my favorite blue&white can be very pretty with soft curtains, a ruffly mirror and peonies. I love thinking of how I can make my rooms pretty. To start, I'm going to buy a big bouquet of pretty peonies. Here's hoping you see pretty this Mother's Day!

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