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DecorBook Classic : Moody Rooms

Now that I have my rooms light and bright, I'm suddenly attracted to dark and brooding rooms. Maybe it's because the weather turned rainy last week and today, most of us moved to standard time. Dark rooms can mean cozy which is maybe why we seem to crave them this time of year. Let's see if darkly painted rooms are for us.

The secret of a successful dark room might be to paint all trim and walls the same moody color.

This week, I heard a designer say, "Let your house talk to you." My current rooms have said loud and clear, "We want to be light and bright!" But my first house, a small Portland cottage, mumbled, "I'd be down with brown walls." Once I heard her, I painted the living room the color of a chocolate milkshake. I also had a antique quilt on the wall and a pitch fork in the corner, but that's another story. After all, it was the mid-1980's.

Somehow this mix of Victorian and Mid-Century doesn't work for me. What do you think?

I prefer this look - the wallpaper mural makes this cozy room feel like an old Dutch painting.

rose ~pinterest

I love the tan painted wood floors layered with two light carpets juxtaposed with black walls.

Benjamin Moore's Deep Space coat these kitchen walls. Clean and minimal.

Don't you love this bathroom? Where are the candles?

Another bathroom with wainscoting in a bold gray.

If you're not completely into a dark, moody room, how about a more modern approach? This dining room's upper walls and ceiling are painted dark while the wainscoting and trim is painted white.

If I was going to the dark side, a light room next door might just be the ticket. That gives the eye room to move (like going through a tunnel). If you're thinking of a dark room, I'd start with just one room and see how it goes. Make no mistake, it's a bold move. But, after all, life it short. Enjoy your Sunday!

top photo :

Living Room in Soho Residence by ASH NYC on 1stDibs

PS ~ If you have a dark room, please let me know!

PPS ~ Please remember to vote - Election Day is Tuesday as I'm sure you know,

What will we do without getting all those political mailers every day?


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