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DecorBook Classic : Is 'Grandpa Chic' Your Jam?

Holy cats! Have you heard about the new decorating style, 'Grandpa Chic?' If you love rich tones like forest greens and tobacco browns and leather accessories or wood accents, you might already be living the 'grandpa chic' aesthetic. "It’s a little Ralph Lauren and a little Steve McQueen, mahogany meets worn-in leather. We like to think this design trend embodies the way Leonardo DiCaprio felt on the Titanic—Ivy League, upper-crust prep, you get the idea," wrote one editor. Let's take a look.


I've never had a living grandpa but I did have the amazing Uncle Harold. As a little kid, I was mesmerized by their Seattle house. He and Aunt Ethel slept in separate rooms. Her's was all lilacs and sweet prints leaning toward her Virginia roots. Uncle Harold's room was far more interesting, all dark and moody. There was a large revolving bookcase, similar to the above. Cousin Linda and I tried to remember yesterday. She reminded me of him having his slippers in place so when he got out of bed, he could step into. A green bedspread on a single bed, walls covered with small paintings in thick gold frames. I was especially intrigued by an 1918 photo of his WWI Army platoon. He enlisted when he was just 17.


Grandpa Chic means dark rooms and brown furniture but in a modern way. This room sings because it's got a wonderful natural carpet, light artwork and as always, fresh flowers. The paint color is Edward Bulmer's London Brown.

Dark walls with off-white upholstery, collectables and a handsome gallery wall.

I'd like to know this Australian grandpa. So many interesting pieces - guessing many from the Outback. Do you notice the white washed walls? Doesn't it look fresher? Let's look at how lighter walls can modernize Grandpa Chic.

Haneen's Haven

Blogger Haneen brought a fresh look to Grandpa Chic when she hand-painted stripes on the wall, mimicking her rug.


In a perfectly layered room, an old silver trophy holds flowers,

Changing uses is a practical way to update a piece of grandpa furniture. Yesterday, I started using an old blue&white cream pitcher to hold my toothbrush. It's a start.

photo credit : jody stewart

It seems most Grandpa Chic walls are dark and moody but they don't have to be. This room is successful because of its mix of different furniture periods.

I don't think I'll go out of my way to welcome Grandpa Chic into my rooms but I do welcome more layers.


"Whether it’s an antique wall clock, vintage books or old family photos, including elements from the past adds the personal touch that is central to the grandpa chic style," says designer Artem Kropovinsky.

pottery barn

Most of us, who have had our rooms for many years, have developed our own style. I'm guessing we already have our own version of "Grandpa Chic." As Chris Jovanelly said, “Grandpa Chic is a style that can't be formulated or replicated—it's a unique mix of nostalgia and sophistication. Grandpa Chic is not delicate, flashy, or vibrant—think bold and timeless.”  We are timeless, right? Speaking of timeless, Ruthie&Bobby are staying with me this week. I'll be back on March 3rd looking forward to celebrating spring in my next article. In the meantime, enjoy your Sunday!


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