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DecorBook Classic : Festive Fall Front Doors

Please note! Glad you found this article. I've got a glitch on my site and am hoping you know to scroll to the bottom of the home page to see today's article.

This week, I was going to show some fall wreath inspiration. That idea was quickly abandoned when I realized what autumn decorating means to Britain. Oh, my goodness! I hope you're sitting down. Let's take a look.


Britian's Stacey Solomon decorates her Essex house front door as a neighborhood "Happy Autumn" greeting. She's hoping to get more trick-or-treaters this year. My money's on her.

Londoner Melanie Lissack uses a wooden frame secured with cable ties to the railing for her front door display. She writes that many of these faux picks were upcycled from her Easter display including using the same frame.

In this close-up of Melanie's display, you can see she also uses real branches filled with fall leaves.

Early Hours in a London-based company that almost defies description. Their website gives it a go - "Early Hours London is the award-winning design studio for innovative, boundary-pushing floral installations, arrangements and displays. A wealth of the city's finest establishments, brands and style-savvy couples now entrust the artistic Early Hours team to create one-of-a-kind designs." No kidding.

This London store front actually takes my breath away. Could it be any more stunning?

The little white paper lanterns must look beautiful at night.

This garland mimics the same greens as the building facade.

A close-up show roses, ivy and miniature faux red-topped mushrooms. The company uses fresh red roses, letting nature take its course over the season.

Dahlias, chrysanthemums and loads of pumpkin varieties spill onto the sidewalk in this display..

Meanwhile, just 4,800 miles away, Magnolia Market (Waco, TX), does amazing autumn store displays. Love this ombre collection of painted leaves.

Last year, Magnolia's website describes this leaf display as "a layered canopy of hand dyed and stiffened fabric cut in the form of leaves hangs at the back of the store. Look closely and you’ll notice that the delicate fabric is strung together with fishing wire." Wouldn't this look stunning over a dining room table?

Even we aren't going to go as spectacular as the Brits this season, a spectacular wreath would work.


A beauty of everything fall-ish against a shiny black door.


Consider a bouquet on your front door.

One blogger's wreath made of her collection of found feathers.

For a few years, I embellished my Buddha the autumn season. And I thought I was fancy. Here''s to celebrating fall, even if it's just a walk in the fall leaves. Happy Sunday!

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