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DecorBook Classic : Christmas, 2022

Have you decorated your house for the holidays yet? I must confess that I've done the bare minimum this year. I just didn't have the energy to scramble to the basement and haul up a tree and all the trimmings. One of P's friends brought up two plastic bins from the basement for me. My decorating was done in 10 minutes. And using mostly stuff around the house, this is my most budget friendly Christmas yet. Let's take a look.

After a storm, I spied some live oak branches (complete with acorns) on the sidewalk across the street. I ambled over to the neighbor who seemed happy to have me take his branches.

In the entryway, an Italian urn (purchased at Pottery Barn for $20 years ago). I loved such a fierce arrangement of branches, sticking out everywhere. I soon realized poking out an eye was a real possibility so I trimmed the branches down.

In the Great-Basement-Purge-of-2018, I donated all my pine cone collection to a local teacher art&craft resource. Last week, I was forced to buy pinecones from Amazon. These beauties cost $35. This was a splurge but my only one so far this season.

Here's my Christmas tree with a few ornaments gleaned from the basement. I added some of my expensive cones to a moss wreath (purchased from Ballard Designs a few years ago for $9 and don't you love finding great prices on Christmas decorations in midJanuary?)

More moss balls went into the woven bowl that I bought this fall (TJMaxx -$21). It's Freddie Fiddle Leaf's first Christmas with me and he seems to be thriving in his new environ. Moss green pillow covers (Amazon - $22 for 2 last year) are on the sofa and all chairs.

In the living room, my wicker reindeer make their annual appearance. Purchased at a Portland Fred Meyer in the 1970's, I still adore them.

This year, the reindeer stand in a woodsy "floor" of moss balls and pine cones. I left my Thanksgiving marble urns ($15 at the San Francisco Flower Market) and stick branches there as well.

Even Jimmy is in neutral tones while Lil' Sis is au naturel. Meanwhile, my sweet 4' Christmas tree, collection of bright and shiny ornaments, Santas and whatnots sit out this season in the basement. The upside of this year's minimal decor is that after the holiday, clean-up will take about 10 minutes.

On the kitchen counter, I added a little tinsel tree I bought this month at Whales & Friends in Alameda. I have two other bigger tinsel trees in the basement. Next year, I'm going to spray paint them this same bronzy color and bring them upstairs.

Please note : Last year, I received photos of your incredible Christmas decor and unfortunately, wasn't able to include in my blog. I'm going to use those photos this year and I'd love to feature even more of your holiday decor (please email to by December 16). In the meantime, enjoy the holidays and stay safe!

PS ~ If you have any inclination, my site is filled with my house at Christmas. Just click on "Christmas" in the list of categories and tags.


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