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Color Game : The Lavender House

I've been dreaming about a lavender house - a house filled with fresh lavender and pale violet walls. I've never been a huge fan of purples; but lately, the lighter shades seem so fresh. Lavender is often thought of as the perfect color for a nursery or a romantic primary. Maybe it's time to bring this soft, romantic color into our main rooms. Let's pretend we just bought a summer cottage and want a lavender color scheme. Dream with me as we take a look.

Hydrangeas of blues and purples introduce the interior color scheme.


Natural board floors provide an anchor for pretty lavender walls in this dreamy living room.


A moody family room with ombre walls. A vase if delphiniums and hydrangeas plays off the wall color.

A study in a greyed periwinkle tone. Lilacs add a fresh touch.

A sophisticated lavender for the kitchen island. Would love to have seen a big bouquet of tulips in that green round pot.


A luscious bouquet of backyard lilacs brings shades of lavender into this kitchen.


Gorgeous bohemian guest room wall and a romantic bouquet of dahlias and peonies .


A primary in restful, restorative lavender.

A bubble bath awaits.

And the sweet upstairs guest room. It seems the key to a lavender house is to create rooms of various lavender tones and be sure to give the eye a rest by not painting all the walls the same shade of lavender. Here's to daydreaming of your perfect summer cottage.

And once I'm living in a lavender world, I'd toss on this vintage chiffon dress with lavender roses. Your'e welcome to come by for cocktails any afternoon.

top photo : in my study, a mug of my garden's lavender


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