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Color Game : Ruddy Reds

The dog days of summer. The sky is smokey pink in Oakland, CA as we're indoors under a neon red sun. Is this the new natural? I'd like to go back to Oregon peaches signaling the dog days of summer. This week, Connie texted me this photo of her box of tree-ripe, juicy peaches. Purchased at a farm stand in St. Paul, OR she was on her way home to enjoy with a scoop of Tillamook vanilla bean ice cream. Always looking for color inspiration, peaches remind me of a family of colors -gorgeous ruddy reds - terra cotta, clay and of course, tree-ripe peach. Would a house in these colors be too much? Let's take a look at sun-kissed rooms.

minzuu on pinterest

These walls mimic a ripe peach. The citrus colors cut the sweetness.

A pretty hue - not too pink, not too red, not too orange.

A juicy bedroom - lots of fruity colors.

This ruddy red has a lot of blue in it.

Beautiful hand-thrown pots provide room color inspiration.

Walls in pale terracotta.

Ruddy reds work well with gray and black.

The palest of ruddy reds.


This summer, Jennifer, in San Jose, CA, chose a Lili Tile cement design for her new fireplace facade and terracotta for the hearth. Can't wait to show you more of her completed remodel next week. Meanwhile, I hope you'll think of ruddy reds and enjoy a peach or two.


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