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Color Game : Moody Rooms

Friends and family lost power for multiple days this month due to snow and ice. Two weeks ago, my friend Connie took this video of her backyard at sunrise in Oregon City, OR. The weather had warmed and Mother Nature tuned up her orchestra. Hope you find this video enchanting and optimistic. After all, spring will be here soon. In the meantime, Connie's video got me to thinking of moody interiors. Let's take a look.

home bunch/pinterest

Don't you love this cozy room? I'm imagining a roaring fire going in a fireplace across the room.

Polished concrete floors and loft living in a dark muted palette.

Pottery, brass and chrome sparks light.

Dramatic earth tones pulled from the art.


Charcoal pairs well with most colors.

Silvery gray and chartreuse yellow.


Dusty rose plays off lush forest green walls.

This room reminds me of a Dutch Master.


And speaking of the Dutch, a powder room in the Netherlands.

Copper and brass comingle in a dark gray green room.

A chromatic room and pale natural flooring.

Queen Elizabeth, a LV shopping bag and Hermes boxes accentuate a gentleman's closet.

Can you imagine waking up every morning beside this optimistic mural? Maybe think of using a dark, moody color in one room. Just as the Scandinavians embrace their dark winters, there's comfort and coziness in such a room for us, too. I'm thinking of giving it a try. After all, it's just paint.


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