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Color Game : Juicy Color

In hot midsummer, color is on my mind. In the room above, those juicy raspberry pillows and hydrangeas add just the right amount of color. Around here, we live with neutral walls and white slipcovered upholstery. Color can pop in at any time but never the "Hey, look at me!" colors in the pictures below. It would take a certain amount of courage to add such bright colors to my rooms, but don't you love the idea of a big splash of color? Let's take a look at some "popping" rooms and see if you, too, get inspired.

Perhaps one day you are looking at your china cabinet and think, "Maybe it will look better in Barbie pink." And guess what? It would.

Children's bedrooms, bold color against white walls and floor. What's not to love?

Imagine this principal bedroom had a little wallpapered study next door.

Wouldn't this be a great weekend project? Refresh an old table with paint and decals.

Can you have too many colors? Not sure I would use that green on the table and window feature but I love the idea that someone really "went for it."

If you are like me, maybe bold, juicy colors will bound into your rooms sometime soon. In the meantime, a bouquet of big colors and a little splashing in the pool will have to do.

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  • Love this very much. I love color!

Layne on Aug 15, 2016


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