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Color Game : Is Yellow is Back?

Last week, I saw a photo of my great-niece in her gorgeous, frothy prom dress. The color? Yellow. She looked fresh and oh-so-modern. All of a sudden, yellow looks modern for our rooms as well. Of course, there are a million shades of yellow but they might be most livable in those pale, warm buttery colors. Let's take a look at the lightest, creamiest yellows and how they might look in our rooms.

Science shows that yellow speeds human metabolism.

Even on a dark day, this north-facing nook will always look sunny.


Pottery Barn has successfully featured pale yellow walls in their catalogs for years.

Consider using multiple colors of yellow in the same room.

I'm not a fan of a feature wall - but I'm crazy about this wallpaper. I'd love to see the entire room in this gorgeous paper.


Don't you love a sunny office space?


Benjamin Moore Lemon Sorbet 2019-60 is a good neutral.

So many rich, pale yellows - all of which are almost good enough to eat. Last year, I had the last of my pale yellow rooms painted an off-white. The yellow had been my go-to since 1988 when the color offset those grey Portland days. Yellow made us happy. My second and third houses (my current) were painted the same yellow. After 23 years in this house, it was time to get a fresh, more neutral color for my rooms in the Bay Area. I'm still very fond of yellow and am thrilled to see it in rooms again. Just saying. Have a sunny Sunday!

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