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Color Game : Color Drenching

Have you heard of "color drenching?" It's been a favorite of British designers for years but we're seeing more and more of it in rooms here. It's a single hue on walls, doors, baseboards, window trim and even ceilings to deliver maximum impact. Just think of a room as drenched in color. Some rooms are painted in a flat sheen or take a more modern look by only painting the moulding in an an egg shell or even more glossier sheen. Let's take a look at some rooms. Just for fun, I've chosen an off beat colors for us to see.

Everything's plum in this country mud room except the whitewashed brick floor in a herring bone pattern.

A French living room in trendy bone. Oh La La!

A warm terra cotta color drenching. Did you know the Italian color "terra cotta" translates to "cooked earth?"

This room is painted in Farrow & Ball's Red Earth.

I just noticed that the blue trim is a slightly different color than the walls in this successful living room.

A sunny color for a condo in Barcelona. Don't you love the ballroom chandelier juxtaposed with this casual room?

A cottage bedroom becomes more sophisticated with a grey green drenching and handsome modern brass sconces.

A sweet nursery seems like a good antidote to Barbie pink.

Don't you love this bedroom? This green room does have some black moulding on the ceiling.

Perhaps the best of all is this bedroom enveloped in a soothing off-white. Whatever you might decide, I'm glad color drenching has arrived on our shores. Plus, your painter will be thrilled as painting one color has got to be easier. Enjoy your Sunday! (and go '9ers!)


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