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TWEAKS+inspiration : Managing Mementos

Don't you love mementos? If you're like me, you've got some from childhood and traveling and just living life. Maybe they're scattered around your rooms or maybe they're in a box in the attic. I'm not a fan of clutter but I do love the idea of corralling treasures to enjoy. One great way to display is on a tray as my friend Ruthann has done. She's put travel mementos from 5 countries in one harmonious tray. Let's look at more fun ways to display mementos.

Mementos in an old wooden box.

Special keepsakes under a glass dome.

More is often better.

Objects in glass jars.

Love this steampunk vibe in this configuration box.

A small collection of plaster and cement objects sit next to my bed. No matter how you choose to display, it's fun to enjoy mementos. In these times, especially, remembering good times is almost therapeutic. I'd love to see how you display your stuff. If you have a minute, please email me a photo -

Here's all the fun stuff in Ruthann's tray (top photo) :

  • Square bark-like cloth covered box (Fiji)

  • Round woven box (Bali) made from material pulling vine through a hole in a beer cap.

  • Carved antelope given to her son when they visited a carvers' village (Kenya). The carver wanted her young son's neon pink sunglasses (free from McDonald's) which he gladly gave the man. In turn, the man gave him his newest carving.

  • Carved box with sprayed gold shells (Lamu)

  • Round box to the left (South America) was a gift from an Aunt.

  • The "blue bird of Paradise" is from Target.

A lot of great memories in one tray!

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