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DecorBook Classic : Christmas at Home, 2018

This Christmas, I was all set for a natural Scandinavian Christmas. Connie even sent homemade Fattigman (Norwegian cookies) so I was definitely in the mood. But as I opened the 6 boxes of Christmas decorations left from my summer purge, it seemed like a good idea to just get everything out and see what was left. Santas & their assorted red fun gathered on the 2nd floor so the main floor could be left more "Scandinavian" with white snowflakes at the windows, mossy green pillow covers and mercury glass trees and balls. It turned out to be almost a winter wonderland that could be Scandinavian if you squint.

What threw a monkey wrench into the "natural look" was our new Christmas tree. I couldn't resist getting out all the saved ornaments plus buying a bunch of $1 round ornaments (Target) in green, blue and hot pink.

Last summer, we gave away our 8' Christmas tree. It took a village to get it out of the basement, up two flights of stairs and set up. I love my new 4.5" tree, pre lit with 450 lights and weighing just 18 lbs (Amazon). I easily assembled it on a small table, making it a total of 6.5' in height.

Turns out I still had our keepsake ornaments. Maybe next year, we'll go for a Scandinavian tree with natural ornaments and popcorn garlands.

You can see the little tree here, along with my nod to a Scandinavian Christmas - on the left, 2 IKEA sheepskins on the entryway bench. Snowflakes (99 Cents Store), mercury glass trees and balls create a bit of a winter wonderland.

IKEA china balls (from years ago) look a bit like snowballs.

This little niche in the entryway is filled with angels.

In the living room, there's a silver animal-leg table (Target) next to the chair. A table runner with a rhinestone snowflake (Marshall's) hangs over a sofa arm and there's velvet pillow covers in shades of green (Amazon and IKEA).

On the living room mantel, more mercury glass, a touch of silver and reindeer (Fred Meyer) from the '70's. Those gold matt balls are from the $1 Store.

The cow head in the kitchen got a new jingle bell wreath (Safeway).

On a kitchen shelf, the sweet nativity scene was a gift from P years ago.

In the sunroom, new "trees" fill Italian ceramic pots. The moss trees I made are long gone so I used these wicker cones from the fall, adding ribbon and lights and a base of moss.

Santas in winter wonderland colors in the sunroom.

Even Jimmy, in his winter sweater (Michaels), seems to be enjoying the little tree. I can tell you paring down my stock pile of decorations made decorating a breeze. I'm missing a very few things but it's a chance to get something new when I fall in love. I hope you and yours are enjoying your rooms this Merry Christmas!

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