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Color Game : Glorious Green

Now that we're a week into falling back to standard time, I'm attracted to dark, moody colors. My favorite is a dark green as it's a neutral as much as gray, navy or chocolate. This fall, it just looks so fresh. Let's take a look how this particular shade of green could influence any room.

Green accent brings this living room to life.

Patterned linen drapes and pillows.

A modern velvet fainting couch freshens a black and white room.

Green base cabinets enliven this kitchen.


A dream velvet headboard with brass jewelry-like accent pieces.

A classic palm leaf fabric brings green into this bedroom.

Look what a quart of paint can do in a bathroom.

Any house benefits from an accent color running through its rooms. The key is to edit so that there's just a splash of it in some rooms, more in others.

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