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Color Game : Blue+White

There's a little game I like to play that gets my creative juices flowing. I find a picture of a house exterior and then with my "unlimited" online budget, fill it with perfectly fresh rooms. That got me thinking - would a whole house decorated in blue&white be just too much? Blue&White is optimistic and cheerful and lets other colors soar. In fact, I like it so much, I write it as one word. If you'll indulge me, let's "shop" Pinterest and see how we could fill the rooms based on the classic blue&white.

Coming in from a dark blue exterior, a dramatic bright entry is most welcoming.

White painted floors and blue&white accessories. What's not to love?


Sunny dining room with striped slipcovered chairs.

Imagine an all white kitchen with this blue&white tile backsplash.

The blue&white principal bedroom with layers of bedding and rugs.

The walls would be painted the same color through out the house with blue&white tiles in kitchen and bath.

The guest room with crisp blue&white bedding. And below, a romantic veranda with blue&white tiles and tablecloth.

Here, in our rooms, we keep wall color and furniture neutral. That frees us up for those seasonal pops of color we all love. Right now, accents of bright yellow are a cheery offense to spring showers. But, by this time of year, I'm craving my blue&white and will soon bring it out for spring and summer. I've got to confess, it's just a bit too much to live with year-round.

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