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DecorBook Classic : Milk Glass

Do you collect glass? If I did, I'd collect milk glass. I recently bought 6 drinking glasses on eBay - turns out, cold milk does taste better in milk glass. First made in 16th Century Venice, milk glass comes in many colors - all opaque or translucent - but white seems classic. It was the rage in the 50's and 60's but I'm a fan as it Iooks modern today. Let's look at some examples of how to use and display white milk glass or for that matter, any glass you may love.

Using vintage pieces is the best way to enjoy a collection.

Corral a collection in old painted hutch.

Or, use your collection sparingly.

This collection would benefit from a dark color on the back wall of the secretary.

Up against a dark blue background, this grouping looks modern.

Milk glass easily can be used with any decor style.

This neutral pallets works well with milk glass.

Florist were big on using milk glass bud vases in 50's and 60's.


Milk glass has many practical uses.

A glass collection can be incorporated in any room.

Clever jewelry holders.

A piece of milk glass as a planter.

My love for milk glass goes back to the 1960's. Aunt Ethel used these heavy milk glass drinking glasses. And this is the style I bought on eBay. Easily found at thrift stores, tag sales and online, milk glass remains affordable. Look for popular vintage Fenton or Anchor Hocking brands to add to your collection. If you have some milk glass you're not using, be inspired to use in your rooms. It really is modern again.

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