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Places We Go : House Hunters International

Do you love House Hunters International on HG-TV? At our house, we take a 30-minute trip to some exotic locale a few nights a week. Technically a "scripted reality show," it features someone who is moving to a new country. We follow them as they tour three homes to either rent or buy. Sometimes, it's a college student with $250 per month and other times, it's a couple with a boatload of money. Either way, it's fun to see what's offered in other countries and how getting a place works. Some countries don't have mortgages and some require a full year's rent before move-in day.

Turns out that after the filming, two of my favorite properties went through major renovations in preparation to become rental properties. Each have been featured in shelter magazines and on Pinterest. Since both can now be rented, not only can we drool at home, we could actually stay there. Of course, we'd also need a boatload of money. Let's take a look.

chris cline

Season 20 / Episode 5 : Classic Palaces in Marrakesh (Morocco)

American designer Maryam Montague wanted to set down roots in Marrakesh, Morocco. She and her architect husband ended up buying a $425,000 olive grove on the outskirts of Marrakesh. After about a year of rebuilding, they've created a true oasis.


Dramatic hand painted door.

Eclectic living room with layered rugs.

Designer Maryam Montague used tile as an inspiration to mimic pattern on sandblasted glass and cement floor.

What a way to spice up a white wall.

Graphic tiles on the kitchen floor. If you want to see in person, Peacock Pavilions can be rented in its entirety for $1900 a night or by the bungalow.

Season 106 / Episode 3: Margaritas in Sayulita (Mexico)

A New Zealand couple buys Villa Valentin for $900,000. It's near the surfing town of Sayulita, Mexico. The plan was to vacation there and rent it out when they're back in New Zealand. It's far bigger and more expensive than they had planned but they fell in love. Me, too.

Fabrics on pillows mimic blue and white tiles in kitchen.

In the kitchen, blue and white tile backsplash, cement counters and unusual woven doors.

Communal dining table and woven window screens.

Cement master bath. Notice rock design in floor.

Mosquito netting might be more practical than romantic but what a view of the jungle. Villa Vallentin sleeps 16 for $1700 a night or you can rent a bungalow.

If you're not watching House Hunters International on HG-TV, why not give it a try? It's truly escapism TV. New episodes air on Tuesdays but repeats are on most nights. You can also watch full episodes on

top photo credit : (Mexican resort)


Maryam Montague's blog -

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the property :

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