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DecorBook Classic : Christmas at Home, 2015

Hello! Thought it would be fun to review our Christmas at Home, 2015. I challenged myself not to decorate with red that year!

Merry Christmas! For home this year, I thought a frosty winter wonderland - at least the most one can do in the Bay Area - might be fun. All it took was minimal shopping. At Joanne's Fabrics, a woman asked me what I was making. "Oh, just getting supplies for my Christmas colors this year," I replied. We both looked into my cart and started laughing as all we saw was black heavy felt and ribbon in gray and green. Not very festive in the cart but let's see how the rooms turned out.

On the entry way table, Flora is wearing an my old rhinestone necklace from H&M, glass beads from Connie and tiny battery operated lights.

Snowflakes from the Dollar Store on entry way mirror.

Papier Marche angels in alcove in entry way.

Entry way tree is a Costco find. At 9', it comes in four pieces that can be easily stored. While expensive to me ($399), it will last many years and for the first time in this house, the lights are LED.

This year, lots of ribbon, Dollar Store garlands and Connie's mother's glass beads decorate the tree. Limiting ornaments only to silver, gold and white gave the tree its sparkle.

Wrappings reflect this year's color theme. Living room in neutral tones.

Silver snowflake table runner (TJ Maxx) hangs over sofa arm.

Living room mantel with silver garden ball (Target), drug store silver ornaments (with a dab of rubber cement to hold them steady) and my old wicker reindeer from Fred Meyers in Portland, OR.

Sun room with moss trees I made last year and loads of Dollar Store snowflakes.

Sun room Santas, collected over the years from TJ Maxx and Marshall's, are grouped for their muted colors. All the red and green stayed in the basement this year.

Kitchen shelving with Christmas scenes - an easy way to corral little bits.

Santa on his matchbook sleigh from my grandma's house. Trees from 99 Cents Store dolled up with tree top bells.

P gave me this cable car the Christmas before we moved to San Francisco. The church is a souvenir from Costa Rica.

A little Austrian box from Cheryl. A green rubber ball from a Meier & Frank department store Santa in downtown Portland. A pot scrubber tree hung with old stuff from my jewelry box. A celluloid reindeer from Connie.

When I was a high school student, I bought this Italian tin angel candle holder for my mom. Now, so many years later, my mom is my angel. It's hard to believe she died ten years ago this Christmas Day.

Here's to wonderful memories of Christmas Past and here's to all the wonder and magic of Christmas Future.


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