Color Game : White House

Let's say someone gave you this perfect little cottage in the perfect little beach town. All you have to do is decorate on your unlimited budget. What would you do with a such a blank slate? For me, the house would be creamy Venetian plastered walls, clean white kitchen and bath, crisp white linens & dishes and cool wood floors. Let's "shop" Pinterest and see how we could fill the rooms.

The living room filled with easy washable cotton slipcovered upholstery. Even a small dose of green stands out. How I wish I'd kept my old oak dining table as doesn't this one look terrific cut down to cocktail table height?

southern exposure

The white kitchen with marble counters, potted herbs and dark wicker.

The principal bedroom with a bit of gray added to the color scheme.

The principal bath with a king-sized picture window and painted floor.

The perfect cottage guest room with a yummy sheepskin rug.

The guest bathroom - I would spray paint that basket a dark brown.

A workplace for all things imagined. That floral print curtain must billow in the breeze.

At the back of the house, a perfect daybed within earshot of the ocean rolling in. Just right for a catnap and a dream about what you'd do with your blank slate.

beth whitney

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