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TWEAKS+inspiration : Magic Paint

Any time I see spray painted upholstery, I get excited. How can that work? Turns out there's a paint additive that can turn an old upholstery chair into a soft leather-like chair. Have you heard about BB Frosch? I'm not a paid spokesperson but I love the idea! It's a powder ($10 to $39). Two heaping tablespoons to any regular house paint turns the paint to chalk paint - and it can be used on almost anything. Let's take a look.

BB Frosch bonds to any surface without sanding or priming. The idea of no sanding appeals to me!

Mundane bifold closet doors become an architectural feature.

How cool are these stairs? The paint additive also adds durability.

Love changing an old 1970's vertical file into a classic.

There are YouTube channels dedicated to chalk painting.

Reviewers (both on BBFrosch & Amazon) state that you don't need to sand - just clean well - and the paint will not chip or flake. Even on linoleum. Wow!

What a transformation!

Mom and daughter company, BB Frosch, offers tutorials, classes, books, supplies and of course, their magic powder. Everything you need to have successful painting project. But I'm going to try going it alone for my first piece - a little table that can use a refresh. The brushes have arrived but not the additive. Can't wait! I'll let you know how it goes.

For more info : and thanks to them for the above photos.

Painting furniture has been on Ruthann's mind as well. Last month, she turned this chest of drawers into a modern look.

After prepping, Ruthann painted the chest a pretty blue.

Then she applied this water-based glaze.

Here's the pretty end result. Well done, Ruthie!


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