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Happy Hour : Barely Halloween

Every been in a restaurant when it turns "Happy Hour?" You notice the mood instantly changes as everyone is ready for fun. Whenever I'm having a Bad Hair Day, my cure is always a personal Happy Hour. Of course, I'm hopeless addicted to interiors; so for me, this hour is all about decorating. In this series, we'll look at some quick and happy mood changers for our very own Happy Hour. Each should take about an hour - a mere 60 minutes - to perk up our minds and our rooms. Let's get the party started.

Didn't Halloween season come extra early this year? It caught me by surprise but It's not too late to sprinkle a little Halloween cheer into our rooms. About all I can muster at this point, is an entryway table bouquet, stuffed with all the artifical fall leaves I had. I did splurge on a worty green pumpkin at Safeway ($8). My trusty moss balls are sprinkled with Crate&Barrel's acorns I bought last year ($12). Easy peasy! Let's take a look at some other ideas that can take only one Happy Hour.

Friends and I went to the Walnut Creek Mercantile (Walnut Creek, CA) a few weeks ago. Don't you love this idea of transforming an old photo into Halloween fun?

Here's another old photo. I'm guessing we could all make this one with bits and pieces from our yards.

This one calls for coloring the photograph which has been glued to an old newspaper.

For my Halloween Happy Hour, I raided my basement. I purchased this felted pumpkin bear at the Hood River (OR) Apple Festival in the 1980's. Otis has been with me ever since.

Jennifer gave me this shadow box years ago. It would be fun to try to make one. The plaster foot was my grandmother's. She and her twin graduated from University of Oregon in 1890. They then studied art in San Francisco. I have the letter they wrote to their father asking for money to buy life-size anatomical casts. I also have an ear and a hand. Fun to have them out at Halloween.

Try a super easy Happy Hour by decorating an existing item in your room. Here, I raided my jewelry drawer and added a crown of leaves to a Buddha.

If all else fails, there's always a warming and spicy Thai soup to serve this fall. I just make old fashion chicken soup (using Costco rotisserie chicken and spaghetti), add coconut milk, curry powder and lemon grass.

BTW, today marks my 200th post on my "new" website, created in 2019.

Thanks for reading me each Sunday - I truly appreciate it!


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