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DecorBook Classic : The Curved Sofa

If you asked me what one piece of furniture could almost change your life, I'd know my answer. Something that draws people together while looking sculptural, organic. So appealing and comfy and sexy. Oh, it might not actually change our lives, but it certainly would change the look of a room. Consider the curved sofa. Let's take a look.

In this craftsmen-style living room, a curved sofa breaks the angle barrier. It's unexpected and and oh, so modern. Wouldn't this room be a great place for a house cocktail party?

I think I could lie down on this sofa - while some shorter curved sofas require just sitting.

A half circle sofa - perfect for movie night.


A beauty in white linen.

The olive sofa (top photo) sells for $7,000 on 1stdibs (used) but this classic shape has crept into more affordable styles. Williams Sonoma Home's Capri sofa (above) starts at $1,695 for an 83" sofa. I've seen the shape at more affordable stores, too.

Curved sofas are even going outside. I'm looking forward to when we can sit this close together! Popular in the Art Decor era, curved sofas are making a comeback. When IKEA produces a curved sofa, we'll know it's hit mainstream. Meanwhile, consider a curved sofa. I know I am.

top photo : pinterest/ jonas wagell


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