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DecorBook Classic : Primary Bathroom Redo, Week 4

The primary bathroom project is finished, almost. Last week (week 4), was devoted to exterior painting and various other little fix ups. Seemed like the time to get a few other things done. Let's take a look.

On Monday (day 19), Oscar painted two garage doors and worked through the punch list. Luis spent the day painting the north side of the house. P had us on a rotating schedule - repair and paint a side every 5 to 10 years. Since three sides involve scaffolding, it's a bit complicated.

On Tuesday (day 20), I snapped a photo through the window screen - shower door guys came to measure for the primary bathroom - two weeks until installation. Yahoo! The "jewelry" (polished chrome towel rack etc) went up in the primary bath. The tile got sealed and I'm almost ready to be back in business.

On Wednesday (day 21), the laundry room was painted White Duck and an electrical outlet was added. Can you believe I've never had one in the laundry room? Now, I can iron in there instead of dragging the ironing board into another room.

Part of the original contract was to repair dry rot on the lower deck.

Sure hate to paint pretty redwood.

Thursday (day 22). Does this happen to you? You get something new - like a redwood deck railing repair -and then everything else looks messed up? Last Monday, I didn't think I'd have the upper and lower decks painted this summer. After all, it's only been ~ Woah! 8 years? Some wood was in bad shape due to years of winter rains. Best to do now.

Replacement redwood decking was painted.

New planks on the upstairs deck. The rest was scraped and painted.

Friday (day 23). Oscar hung the newly cleaned drapes in the bathroom. The deck got a second coat of Deck Correct paint. And I had a peek through the window just before the scaffolding guys started to disassemble.

That's a wrap. 23 days. 22 men and one middle school girl helping her dad for a few days. It was a pleasure having the team here. Next Sunday, I'll have before&after photos of the bathroom redo. I just need time to do a little ZHUZHING. In the meantime, have a great Sunday!

P.S. Today, I'm using the word "ZHUZHING" for the first time.. I've been hearing this verb for a few years and had no idea how to spell or it's history. Now that I know, I hope you do a little ZHUZHING today!

Zhuzh (also spelled zhoosh) as a verb means “to make (something) more lively, interesting, and stylish.” It is a fairly recent slang term, first appearing in the mid-1960s in gay communities in the U.K. in the sense “to improve the look of one’s clothing or outfit”; its current, more general sense dates from the mid-70s.


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