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Color Game : Daring You to Dream of a Mushroom Room

Mushroom is not a "color" I dream about. But thinking about it, mushroom is a color I can get behind. Natural and earthy, I'm comfortable around these warm coIors. Warmer than gray but cooler than taupe, these neutral shades are popping up everywhere. Let's take a look.

On Julie's blog, she lists some of her favorite mushroom paint colors.

kendall wilkinson

Farrow and Ball's Drop Cloth provides a beautiful mushroom-colored backdrop for this living room in a 1894 San Franciscan Tudor.

Shades of mushroom. Please note the brown chest. Brown wood is back!

Thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets this year. I have to say, I've always loved Mouse's Back.

Don't you love the vibe of this earthy-colored country mudroom?

Chris and Julia point out that some mushroom colors, beige and tan, were the colors of the 70's. Who can forget Navajo White? Looks like these colors are back, looking ever-so-fresh.

A bit of a shaggy dog story. Last week, I was at the upholsterer regarding my sofa (more info in 4 weeks when it's completed). I want to update the entryway bench as my white canvas slipcover seems a bit too shabby chic for 2023. I was thinking of asking him to use upholster it with a beige cowhide rug I had, but it turns out, that option was way too expensive. So, I drove over to Discount Fabrics in Berkeley. Inspired by mushroom-colored rooms, I was in the hunt for a nubby natural linen. The fabric I bought is that roll next to the orchid chiffon. It's more brown than I would have liked but sometimes you have to take what's available.

The next day, I cut the pieces and promptly got into one hot mess. It took me nearly all of three days sewing and ripping out mistakes. I can't make this up. I began to wonder what was wrong with my old white duck slipcover.

Here's the final product which still needs a good press. I think it will look OK eventually, but I'm not in love. Maybe it will grown on me. In the meantime, wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day. Be sure to hold your sweethearts close.

Fun fact : Speaking of taupe. "Taupe" is French for the little animal we called a mole. According to the Dictionary of Color, the first use of "taupe" as a color name in English was in the early 19th century; recorded by the Oxford English Dictionary is from 1811. In 1846, it was claimed that "All shades of grey are fashionable en neglige, particularly pearl grey, iron grey, and taupe." ~ Wikipedia. As a color, mushroom hasn't made it to Wikipedia yet.

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