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Happy Hour : Liberate Your Linens

Every been in a restaurant when it turns "Happy Hour?" You notice the mood instantly changes as everyone is ready for fun. Whenever I'm having a Bad Hair Day, my cure is always a personal Happy Hour. Of course, I'm hopeless addicted to interiors; so for me, this hour is all about decorating. In this series, we'll look at some quick and happy mood changers for our very own Happy Hour. Each should take about an hour - a mere 60 minutes - to perk up our minds and our rooms. Let's get the party started.

This Happy Hour isn't exactly fun but I promise you'll smile the rest of the year. That is, every time you open your linen closet. Since it's the Out with the Old, In with the New time of year, let's make the most of wherever you store your linens.

I propose just taking 60 minutes to clear the shelves and then, toss everything you haven't used in a couple of years. Donate sheet sets or towels that aren't "your" color anymore or toss if they've lost their mojo (like towel nap feeling like sandpaper). Once sorted, refold and organize. Whew! You'll be smiling all year.

Now that everything is organized, maybe you'd like to move to a more luxurious linen closet. Those decorator showcase houses go all out with amazing linen closets, filled with crisply ironed linens and thick, folded towels. Let's look at some picture perfect, even romantic, linen closets and then some more practical ideas maybe we all can use.

My absolute favorite and I'd like a mojodomo to starch my linen pajamas, please.

A great use of a potentially wasted space.


A smart combination of storage in a once-upon-a time clothes closet.

Don't you love the idea of everything stored in wicker? These look like IKEA baskets.

Towel bars hold starched linens.

Wire bins provide clear viewing.

A welcome addition to any linens closet - lavender sachets.

Our linen "closet" is about as basic and inexpensive as you can get - a wire shelving unit and some IKEA fabric storage boxes that I'd like to replace with wicker ones. Honestly, that's all I have left after sorting and a couple of those blankets are getting donated this week.

If you're in the mood for more tips on organizing, check out Pinterest - just search for "linen closet" and you'll be knee-deep in ideas in a heart beat. In the meantime, have fun liberating your linens.

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Main content originally published on 8/17/17.

  • Great to hear you store all kinds of things in them!

Kathleen on Aug 26, 2017

  • Those brown woven baskets are great for storage and look really good on shelves. We have several for Christmas ornaments to movie CD’s to travel books and maps. Love ’em!

John Rusniak on Aug 26, 2017

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