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TWEAKS+inspiration : Christmas Among Friends, 2018

Friends of DecorBook have been particulary busy this holiday season. Let's take a look at 3 spectacular ideas - I'm sure you'll notice that the key is each friend's keen eye for detail. Kimberly (Hayward, CA) has taken repurposing costume jewelry to a whole new level in creating these magnificent trees. This one is aptly called the Noel Tree.

The spectacular Ruby tree. Each tree has multiple layers of jewelry.

And the Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend tree, filled with rhinestone jewelry. Isn't it dazzling?

Ruthann (Portland, OR) creates the perfect Christmas vignettes. Here, she pairs her son's pottery with a carved Russian Santa. The vignette comes alive with greens collected from Central Oregon and in her yard in Portland.

This magical tree comes from Connie (Oregon City, OR). Connie attaches a zillion tiny white lights to a massive tree - this year, cut fresh from her own property. Isn't breathtaking? Repurposing, using fresh greens and adding more and more lights are 3 ideas we can all use in some way. I'm sure you'll agree that decorating our rooms provides a satisfying setting in which we celebrate the Season of Joy. Cheers!

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