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Places We Go : Christmas Among Friends, 2020

Did you think about NOT decorating this year? The thought crossed my mind for a brief second but having the house all Christmassy seemed right. Turns out, I'm not alone. Here's some rooms from friends of DecorBook. First up, this spectacular tree. Every year Connie brings in a fresh 9'+ tree. This year, she's is calling her's a "Charlie Brown" tree. But, I have to say - it's magical. I love all the birds, especially at the top of the tree. Just getting the lights on is a two-day job. And this is a tree of convenience. It came right out of their front yard in Oregon City, OR. Connie says, "It was either a Christmas tree or going in the wood pile." I'm sure you'll agree she made the right choice.

Ruthann, in Portland, OR, and I have the same Dollar Tree snowflakes and we both wish we could buy more. Windows in her 1920's bungalow are a perfect setting for a winter wonderland.

In Hayward, CA, Kimberly displays some of her magical works of art.

For 2020, Jennifer was looking for a change in tree decorations. She picked through her collection for

gold&silver ornaments including this adorable pug ornament.

And a Gump's sweet angel ornament in memory of her mom.

Then it was a quick trip to her local San Jose, CA Dollar Store for gold&silver garlands and ornaments including this pearl studded star. Twenty-three dollars later, Jennifer had a beautiful tree. Little Ollie, the pug puppy, is batting around the large ornaments at the bottom of the tree. And thanks to the Dollar Store, those are plastic and puppy proof. Here's to finding the perfect decorations no matter where with spectacular results. It might just be the year to think different about the way you decorate. If you have a minute, please email me a photo of your decorations - In the meantime, enjoy the holidays!


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