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Happy Hour : What Are Your Kitchen Counters Wearing?

Here's a Happy Hour I challenged myself to yesterday morning. I hope you'll join in. First a bit of a backstory. I don't know about you but I like my kitchen counters organized and rather bare. A few years ago, I posted this photo of my old kitchen on Pinterest. Others seemed to like it as it's had 2.44M views. That's a lot of eyebalIs looking at my humble kitchen counter. I'm sure you'll admit, there's not a lot going on. No salt&peppers, coffee maker or toaster in site. I'll show you my current kitchen counters a bit later but first let's take a look at some current trends. Trends? Turns out kitchen counter decor is actually a thing.

Kitchen counter decor is based on practicality. Corral essential cooking gear in a tray (or on a cutting board or platter) and place next to the stove. If you keep utensils in a container on the counter, consider editing for optimal use.

Arrange for a practical coffee zone on a countertop. I wouldn't use a flammable tray under a coffee maker but you get the idea. I do like that old silver creamer lamp and imagine it's used on dark early mornings when overhead lighting might be too jarring.

A counter lamp would be a nice addition in any kitchen. Imagine this small brass light adding wonderful evening ambiance to a kitchen.

Have you notice that cutting boards have become a thing on counters? It's practical as they are in reach but they also bring some warmth to hard surfaces.

Don't you love this antique French cutting board? Add some fresh produce and you're all set..

An old wooden bowl, filled with artichokes, helps this kitchen almost look like an old master painting. Speaking of paintings, another trend is a small piece of art on the counter or hung on the backsplash (use 3M Command tape). Of course, you wouldn't put out anything precious but something framed might be fun.


With limited counter space, this tray has it all including fresh rosemary for cooking.

And here's my current kitchen counters. Not much has changed over the years but I do have new quartz countertops and a new faucet and more decorative stuff.

That corner to the right is a perfect spot for a little lamp so I'm in the hunt. I rarely use the toaster, coffee maker etc so those are tucked in a cupboard.


This handsome arrangement sums up most of the current kitchen counter trends as it's practical and inviting. A modern counter seems to include five simple elements - something edible, something fresh (herbs, plant or flowers), cutting board(s), a small lamp and work of art. I hope you take a Happy Hour to dress your counters by either editing what you have or try clearing the counter and start anew. Best of luck in finding the perfect combination of practicality and beauty. Since we spend so much time in the kitchen, why not dress it to the nines?

PS ~ If you have a minute, please check me out on Pinterest - I'm called "gWitster Finds."

PPS ~ Last week, I had to review my blog subscription list. If you now find yourself not receiving a Sunday morning email announcing a new article, please let me know in the comments section below and I'll happily add you back. If you are receiving ~ many thanks to you! I truly appreciate it!


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