Happy Hour : An Updated TV Cabinet

Just in time for today's Super Bowl, this little Happy Hour might be just the ticket.

Let's face it, a TV isn't the most attractive feature in a room. Happily, TVs are now super thin and wall-mountable. Unfortunately, our living room doesn't lend itself to a super cool wall-mount as we are stuck with the TV in a corner. Over twenty years ago, our solution was a very simple $50 TV stand from IKEA. This week, we became cordless and the TV stand has never looked better.

Last month, our neighborhood got 5G. Once P officially said we were ready to "cut the cords," these shelves were quickly emptied. We subscribed to T-Vision (T-Mobile) so goodbye DISH DVR. Our little TV stand is no longer for sale at IKEA but their MOSJÖ ($39.99) is close.

Santa brought a new TV. Good news - it had WIFI built in in preparation for going wireless. Bad news - it sits lower than our old TV. Our SONOS sound bar was blocking the lower 2" of the screen. What to do? We bought a LACK (IKEA shelf unit, $15.99) to place on top of stand, raising it two inches. You can barely see the shelf as it is the same color as the cabinet. Years ago, I painted a 6' x 3' canvas and hung on the wall behind the TV so it didn't look completely like the TV was stuck in a bare corner.

Finally, I removed the shelves as I found right size baskets at Cost Plus World Market. As you know, today is Super Bowl Sunday. Maybe before the game, you'll be inspired to take a Happy Hour to tweak your TV's surroundings. Have to laugh but I bet between plays, I'll be watching our old TV stand, wire free. Guess it's the little things that made me enjoy this Happy Hour.

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